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SugarCRM Portal


Product Description

If your company wants to give contacts the chance to get involved and have a sense of control, the best solution is to integrate a portal for them to use. Such a module will provide them self-service capabilities and after login, contacts can edit their leads, leave notes and manage cases and bugs online.
The advantages of such integration are as follows:

SugarCRM-familiar functionality without being actually logged in on a Sugar platform or a WordPress website

– All information is automatically updated within SugarCRM, eliminating further manual processing and database access

– This portal can offer support capabilities, thus reducing call volume

– Your partners can easily import their leads into your SugarCRM application, without actual access to it; once submitted, these new leads can be managed by configuring SugarCRM

Easily search for leads, cases, notes or bugs

Decrease operating costs for your company while improving the experience for your contacts.

Interface of SugarCRM portal

Each user can edit his or her username and account name, as well as change the password associated with the user credentials.

This portal is a flexible and modern one, fairly simple and highly customizable depending on your company’s needs. It is perfect for support, lead generation and other purposes. It integrates well with SugarCRM. In short, looks and feels like SugarCRM, without being a CRM platform.

Read more about this portal by visiting our micro-site here.

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