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How My Marketing Engine Can Benefit Your Business


My Marketing Engine (MME) is an excellent tool for individual marketers and large enterprises alike. If you are interested in seriously improving the way you sell and market products, stay in touch with your clients, and track results, you will benefit greatly from MME.


Marketing Automation, Improved & Simplified

MME will replace (or complement) any existing Marketing Automation tool you may already have linked with your CRM. Between features such as push notifications sent in realtime to your client’s web browser and thorough analytic reports to view campaign results, your team is able to stay connected to the highest quality leads.

MME increases sales opportunities and agent response times by notifying your sales team instantly when a lead is available, or has produced any follow-up interest in your website.

Your Marketing Team can finally spend more time generating creative content and future campaigns, while MME does the work of delivering email, website and social media updates.

  • Email Marketing efforts are visible in your CRM, allowing you to monitor the efficacy of each campaign with ease.
  • Social Media campaigns are linked to your client’s profile in the CRM, showing you exactly which content creates the best response.
  • Reporting Analytic Data for each campaign is as simple as accessing your CRM and/or My Marketing Engine. See results and improve Sales at impressive, visible rates.

New to Marketing Automation?

My Marketing Engine is the perfect starter kit for experienced marketers or companies who are brand-new to the automation process. MME will completely revolutionize the way your business operates, reducing countless hours of your sales agents’ and marketers’ time.