MME Features: Web Push Notifications

Send original content to your Contact as a pop-up notification with My Marketing Engine!

When your lead/contact visits a landing page, the browser being used will ask for the user’s permission to allow notifications:
• Your Contact must first approve a request from My Marketing Engine to receive notifications in their browser.
• The user will receive confirmation’s as subscribed successfully
 image (1)
Create simple or complex workflows to send notifications:
image (2)
Automation is much more than a convenient time-saving tool for your business. MME gives you the capability to customize responses based on your lead’s actions. The end result communicates more like a personal greeting than a coded, auto-response generated by a computer because you have the opportunity to filter and edit the responses.
My Marketing Engine lets you decide if your Contact will receive browser notifications from the CRM, or a Marketing Campaign you create separately.

BONUS FEATURE: Web Notification Tool

Use the Web Notification Tool to inform your Sales Team when Leads are assigned to them.

MME sends notifications from the CRM to your agents when a Contact visits the site and is assigned to one of your employees. Your sales agent can simply click on the Contact’s phone number or email address immediately after receiving notice to make a follow-up attempt.
Not only will your leads be addressed in a timely manner – making your agents more efficient – the customer will feel a great level of comfort in the quick, concierge service they are receiving as a result!
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Have questions about using this feature?

Please feel free to contact the developer.