My Marketing Engine enables you to create marketing campaigns, in this instance directed to all Leads requesting a quote from your website.

After the Lead fills the proper Contact Form on your website, the following actions are prompted:

– Push Notification in website browser (upon approving a request to receive notifications)
– Email: Thank you for contacting us
– SMS: Thank you for contacting us
– Give the Lead 10 points in Scoring to track response rates
– Lead would be related to Segment “Website Quote”

As no delay is configured, messages or actions would occur in first minutes after form submission.

To follow up with these actions, a new “Call” record would be created in your customer relationship management system (CRM) if a Lead returns to your website. The Lead’s assigned user can call right away, giving the Lead 15 additional points.

After 3 days, you send a second email to your Lead: “Great offer is pending”.

If the second email is clicked and opened, your Lead receives 5 more points. If not, your Lead’s score is reduced by 2 points.

After 12 additional days, the Lead would receive a third email: ”Domain is Complicated”.

If this email is opened and read, the Lead is awarded 5 more points, Triggering My Marketing Engine to send a SMS message, and also a Browser Notification: “Let us help”.

If email is not opened, the Lead points decrease by 3.

After 30 days, an email campaign is sent “One last email” to say good bye..

If the Lead returns to your website at any point in time from the same browser after receiving this email, MME sends a follow-up email: “We are here to help”. A Call record in the CRM is created in order that the assigned agent actively contacts the Lead.