About My Marketing Engine

My Marketing Engine is a control panel for your brand’s marketing efforts, organizing and facilitating your website, social media, text and email communications into a single, intuitive Marketing Automation system. MME is fully integrated with multiple customer relationship management (CRM) platforms and social media tools to optimize your marketing communications, review analytics and manage customer data.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation eliminates manual Marketing processes, using a computerized system to deliver text and email campaigns, or post on your website and social media pages, among other tasks. It implements a computerized system to automate marketing activities.

Many marketing departments generally handle tedious tasks such as email, text, managing client data, and social media account and website maintenance. Conversely, Marketing Automation technology streamlines marketing efforts into a simple, efficient, more consistent process using fewer resources. As the system executes these tasks for you, it tracks data and generates statistics, improving your overall business performance and reducing marketing expenses.




Add widgets to build your Marketing Engine.

MME Tools 1


Review and edit your Contacts from List View.

MME Tools 2

Contact Segments:

Manually add contacts to different Segments for their respective campaigns or platforms.

MME Tools 4


Access your Assets, Dynamic Content, Forms and Landing Pages.

MME Tools 5


Add and store downloadable content, such as promotional ebooks and videos.

MME Tools 6

Dynamic Content:

Create dynamic content to use in landing pages if lead/contact is identified.

MME Tools 6


Use Forms to capture user data (names, contact information, etc.) conveniently and quickly in Landing Pages or any other section of your website.

MME Tools 8

Landing Pages:

Create landing pages with ease. Build from scratch with custom content, or select pre-defined templates and use Landing Page Builder to create Landing Pages to display data, utilize Forms, link to your Assets, and more.

MME Tools 9


Landing Page Builder:

Our carefully curated, pre-defined templates create beautiful Landing Pages to engage and convert your web traffic. Use variables to personalize content within Landing Pages and communicate clearly.

MME Tools10

Campaigns or Workflows:

Starting with “Contact Sources”, choose Forms or Contact Segments, to which you can select or deselect “Conditions” as filters to create different “Actions”. Through Filters, you can also apply “Decisions”.

For example, you can determine a set of Actions that trigger the user to visit a certain page.

MME Tools11

Contact Sources:

Access Forms or Contact Segments to decide how and what data to collect and store from your clients.


MME Tools12

Contact Sources:

MME Tools13


Conditions can Apply filters using “Contact Field Value” or “Form Field Value”.


-Contact Filters can be applied to any Contact Field within certain conditions.

MME Tools14

Form Filters can apply different filters based on Form Values.

MME Tools7


Apply content delivery methods, including:

• Download Asset
• Open Email
• Request Dynamic Content
• Submit a Form
• Visit a Page

Download Asset:

Configured Actions triggered only when your Contact downloads one Asset.

MME Tools15

Open Email

Configured Actions triggered only when your Contact opens your email.

Request Dynamic Content
Display dynamic content in landing page .

Submit a Form
Configured Actions triggered only when your Contact submitted a form

Visit a Page
Configured Actions triggered only when your Contact visits one or more selected pages, or ANY monitored page. Monitor not only your Landing Pages, but entire websites by adding a tracking pixel to respective pages.


MME Tools16


-Adjust Contact Points
-Change Campaigns
-Change Contact Stage
-Modify Contact Segments
-Modify Contact Tags
-Push Dynamic Content
-Send Email
-Update Contact Values
-Create Task in CRM
-Create Call in CRM

Adjust Contact Points:

Add or subtract points to a contact when an action triggers, after an interval of time, or schedule a custom Date/Time.

MME Tools17


Change Campaigns:
Add or remove a Contact from available Campaigns.


Change Contact Stage:
Add a Contact to different stages.

MME Tools18

Modify Contact Segments:

Remove or add a Contact to different Segments.

MME Tools19


Modify Contact Tags:

Remove or add a Contact to different Tags.

MME Tools20

Push Dynamic Content:

Send Dynamic Content to Contacts who agree to receive notifications in their browser.


Send Email:

Contact would receive selected Email when Action triers , delayed with certain amount of time or at a scheduled date.

MME Tools21

Update Contact:

Change different values in Contact Fields.

MME Tools23

Channels > Emails:

Create emails using Email Builder to work from existing templates, or customize content from scratch.

MME Tools22

Channels > Social Monitoring

Utilize a Twitter “Mention” or “Hashtag”.

MME Tools24


Points > Actions

Add or subtract points to Contacts when a certain Action is triggered.
Once triggered, the Contact can easily Download an asset, Open an Email, or Visit a Landing Page or specific URL, for example.

MME Tools25


Points > Triggers

Choose to Define Triggers as a Change Campaign, Segment or Tag or Send an Email (with out creating a Campaign) when Contacts go over a certain number of Points.

MME Tools26



Build your own Custom Reports by using pre-defined fields, or selecting fields to display and applying filters to view your most pertinent Analytics and Marketing Data.