MME Features: Dynamic Content

In My Marketing Engine, Dynamic Content is content used on Landing Pages.

For example, on a landing page you have the option to display “Hello Last Name”, if MyMarketingEngine identifies the user as a lead/contact:


The “Requested Slot Name” field allows you to input the variable that will prompt the Name to populate when a Contact is visiting the Landing Page.

From “Request Dynamic Content”, you can click Edit to adjust the Content displayed on your website.


In order to modify fields and complete these custom actions, the class MUST be “mymarketingengine-data-slot”. “Requested Slot Name” needs to be configured as data-slot-name=”mme1″.
Please note:
At this time, the level of complexity to customize and edit Dynamic Content is moderate, yet is temporarily the only way to do so effectively.


Your Dynamic Content displayed on the resulting Landing Page:




Have questions about using this feature?

Please feel free to contact the developer.